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Avian 160A HV Brushless Smart ESC 6S-14SAvian 160A HV Brushless Smart ESC 6S-14S
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Avian 200A HV Brushless Smart ESC 6S-14SAvian 200A HV Brushless Smart ESC 6S-14S
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UMX P-51D Mustang "Detroit Miss" BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFUMX P-51D Mustang "Detroit Miss" BNF Basic with AS3X and SAF
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Our Latest News
At RC model store our motto is "if you break it, we'll fix it".Our experienced RC technicians can handle all types of RC car repairs. We are a local RC service only shop here to support you with better repairs pricing and faster turn around times than you may be able to get locally elsewhere.

For parts service and replacement, we offer competitive parts pricing and If we don't have your RC car part readily available we will special order it at no extra charge..

No repair project is to big or to small, in fact many of you new to the hobby will appreciate that when we are done servicing your RC, we will give you instructions on areas you can service yourself in the future. Whether you just don't have time to do the repairs yourself or you are looking for some professional help to make sure it's done right, we are your "GO-TO" source for RC repairs.

We do not charge for RC inspection, in fact we perform a free check-up on all RCs. There will be a return shipping fee if you mailed your item to us. There are no hidden costs or hidden charges.

  • Fees are £20 Per Hour for General Labour
    We break labour into 30 minute units, since it’s not right to charge an hour’s fee for ten minutes of work.

  • Soldering Fees are £5 Per Item
    Since soldering isn’t usually super labour intensive, we don’t charge the usual hourly rate for the service.

  • Everyone’s Time Is Valuable
    Due to a limited amount of staff, your repair will likely have to be left with us to complete. Most repairs are completed within a week, but repairs can run longer depending on the availability of parts.

  • We Work on Nitro or Gasoline Engines
    Learning how to work on an engine is part of the hobby and can be quite tricky at times but dont dispair we can help. We tune engines, replace engine parts, rebuild engines and run engines. Any engine-related repairs will can be handled.

  • No Such Thing as Free Labour, Even on Warranties

  • The warranty on any given product is between you and the manufacturer. If a product is replaced under warranty from the manufacturer, we are not reimbursed for any labour we provide, so if you need your replacement motor installed, the motor may be free, but the labour isn’t.

  • Please Pick Up Your Repairs In a Timely Fashion
    While most people pick up their repairs promptly, some don't bother to pick them up at all. Any vehicles left with us more than 30 days after we've completed repairs will be considered our property and sold to recover our fees. We don't really want to keep your vehicles; we have enough of our own.

In order for us to put a quote together, first contact us by phone and we will give you a pretty good estimate of the costs for repairs.  Then if you like what you hear, drop-off or send us your RC for repairs for am additional "firmer quote", 
Remember to also bring/send us all the related parts and items, we need may need the transmitter and batteries for controller.