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EP Magic Star 3D 480 0.99m...

Perfect for the ubiquitous 3S 2200mAh LiPo, this lightweight, high performance, grab \'n\' go, electric aerobat is a perfect Sunday aerobat...
Price £160.00
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EP Shoestring 25e 1.28m...

A practical, Oracover finished, Almost Ready to Fly version of the F1 racer for four-channel radio and 480-size electric powerplants
Price £169.99
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Extra 330LX - 3D 50cc...

Large, colourful and impressive, Seagull\'s 2M span, 50cc facsimile of the massively capable German-built two seat aerobat is a sight for...
Price £569.99
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Extra RR SC Gernot...

A practical, unlimited, performance, 3D and pattern aerobat with World Championship pedigree and Multiplex\' unrivalled quality
Price £324.90
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